ADVISORY on Fly-By-Night Protection Agent

Warning to Fly-By-Night Protection Agents... It has been observed that there is a large volume of Protection Agents applying for new and/or renewal of Licenses to Exercise Security Profession (LESP). At present, there are 1,253 duly licensed Protection Agents (PAs) and Twenty (20) Private Detective Agencies (PDA) nationwide.

In view of the above, SOSIA will initiate vigorous conduct of Red Teaming operations and will even undertake inspection of known deployed PAs. Likewise, all PAs and PDAs/PSAs providing VIP Security Services without securing an Authority to Deploy and Special Duty Detail Order shall be meted the full force of the law.

Town Hall Session on COVID19 Vaccine Development Plan

ADVISORY on Solicitation of Unscrupulous Individuals claiming to be the Chief, SOSIA and/or other SOSIA Officials.

Please be informed that this office and its personnel does not in any manner solicit or the likes to generate finances as these illegal acts are in contrary to law and the Chief, SOSIA vigorously condemned and opposed such acts. All concerned are advised not to entertain these persons and to report the same to SOSIA for appropriate action.


This pertains to the issuance of LESPs to private security personnel wherein a huge backlog had develop in view of the covid-19 pandemic wherein CSG-SOSIA personnel had gone on forced vacation and the bogging down of various computer equipment utilized in the processing/issuance of LESPs.

To ease the predicament of all concerned especially our private security personnel who bear the brunt of not having a valid LESP, hence, not being able to go "on duty", CSG-SOSIA will be issuing temporary/provisional LESP valid for sixty (60) days until the issuance of LESP card. The proof of payment or the SBR will be the temporary/provisional LESP ID.