ADVISORY! Prohibition on the Wearing of Santa Caps and the like during the Yuletide Season

Guidelines and Procedures re: Conflicting Claims

Intensification of Security Measures

       This pertains to the two (2) bomb blasts set off by suicide bombers in Jolo, Sulu on August 24, 2020 which caused the killing of fourteen (14) persons (soldiers and civilian) and the wounding of seventy-five (75) others.

       To prevent and avoid the same incident to further transpire, all Private Security Service Providers (PSSPs) shall direct their private security personnel (PSP) to observe the following:



DOH Centers   for  Health  Development   (CHD)  shall  assist  Local  Government Units  (LGUs)  as they  form  province-  or city-wide  health  systems  to respond  to and manage  both non-COVID-19  and COVID-19 patients.

 LGUs shall  endeavor   to  organize  province-   and  city-wide   BCPNs   to  include government  and private  facilities  and providers  across the different  levels of care. LGUs are to determine  and assign the facilities for care of close contacts,  suspect, probable,  and confirmed  COVID-19  cases within their catchment.

 Province- and city-wide  HCPNs  shall have  designated  primary  care providers  for individuals  and families  within their catchment  who shall navigate  patients  to the appropriate     facility   across   the   levels   of  care.   All  patients   shall   follow  the prescribed        patient flow as described  in Annex A.

 Province-  and  city-wide   HCPNs   shall  ensure  dedicated   Human  Resources  for

Health   (HRH)   for  triaging,   contact  tracing  and  facility-based   management   of patients based  on the most updated  DOH guidelines  and protocols.

 All health  facilities  shall  endeavor  to provide  telemedicine   services  for patients within their HCPN to promote physical distancing whenever possible. Separate guidelines  shall be issued for this purpose.

 Individual-based  financing   mechanisms    shall   follow   the  relevant   PhilHealth circulars  for COVID-19.

 Infection prevention  and control (IPC) measures,  standards,  and protocols  shall be

implemented  at all times.



 Health  Facilities   for  suspect,   probable,   and  confirmed   COVID-19   cases. The list below  seeks to clarify  role delineation  of different  facilities  within and across HCPNs.  All  province-   and  city-wide  HCPNs  are  encouraged   to  identify  these facilities  for  proper  navigation   of  patients  within  and  outside  their  network,  in

accordance  with resources  in their respective  localities.