Enforcement Management Division (EMD)

Enforcement Management Division (EMD) Services

1. Issuance of Non-Pending Case
2. Conduct of Administrative Inspection
3. Conduct of Post to Post Inspection
4. Accreditation of PSA to Employ/Deploy Protection Agents
5. Authority to Deploy Protection Agents
6. Issuance of Special Duty Detail Order (SDDO) with 15 days Validity
7. Issuance of Special Duty Detail Order (SDDO) with 30 days Validity
8. Accreditation of Armored Vehicles
9. Authority to Wear Special Set of Uniform (SSU)


  • Chief, EMD
  • Exercise supervision in the overall administration of the security agencies.
  • Conduct periodic post licensing inspection and non- periodic inspection of licensed Security Agencies and personnel.
  • Responsible for the security and maintenance of all operational records.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  •  Assistant Chief, EMD
  • Assist the C, EMD in the performance of his duties and functions.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  • Chief, Operations, Plans and Programs Section
  • Supervise the overall direction of the office in the supervision and the administration of private security agencies.
  • Prepare operational plans, policies, orders and directives.
  • Perform policy research, review and development.
  • Prepare all regulation issuances.
  • Prepare and consolidates the reports of the office for submission to headquarters.
  • Prepare and supervise the organization and mobilization of the office.
  • Maintain and prepare statistical reports.
  • Prepare Letter Authority for the wearing of special set of uniform.
  • Process application to purchase firearms by PSAs, PDAs, CGFs, GSFs.
  • Chief, Complaint and Investigation Section
  • Conduct active investigation on complaint.
  • Recommends the imposition of admin sanctions
  • Recommends for the cancellation of licenses and/or disapproval of application for renewal of PSA/PDA/CGF/GSF.
  • Issues summons/subpoenas.
  • Endorses communications to other concerned agencies.


  • Chief, Special Concern Section

Oversee resolution of special concerns.

  • Chief, Enforcement and Inspection Section
  • Conduct administrative and post to post inspection.
  • Gather data intelligence information.
  • Maintain, consolidate and prepare intelligence for submission to higher offices; and
  • Enforce Cease To Operate Orders issued to PSA/PDA/CGF/GSF


  • Chief, Arbitration Section

 Oversee implementation of SOP 007-08 pertaining to the deployment of security personnel on properties/establishments with conflicting claims, ownership, management or administration.