This pertains to the implementation of the ONline Validation of NP Examination Result which will be uploaded to the Online LESP starting October 17, 2021 wherein all PSPs applying for LESP (New or Renewal) shall register at https://sosia-online,com prior to the taking of NP Examination on the following PNP Accredited NP Testing Centers:

Common Standard for Firearms Ammunition Safety Vault

This pertains to the common standard for firearms/ammunition safety vault in the possession  of PSSPs taking into consideration the object of protection, threat analysis, existing inventory, obtaining situation, phyisical measures and other technical measures in the management of firearms vault.


This pertains to the scheduled release of printed LESP cards, to all PSP which applications that were processed from August 2021. It will be released on the following dates from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm: to wit,

            a. September 30, 2021 (Thursday);

            b. October 4, 2021 (Monday); 

            c. October 7, 2021 (Thursday); and

            d. October 11, 2021 (Monday).

Congratulations Team SOSIA for PASSING with flying colors the ISO 9001:2015 2nd Stage Audit on September 28, 2021...

ISO 9001:2015, Management System documentation of the organization, Applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements, internal define requirements.