Enforcement Management Division (EMD)

  • Chief, EMD
  • Exercise supervision in the overall administration of the security agencies.
  • Conduct periodic post licensing inspection and non- periodic inspection of licensed Security Agencies and personnel.
  • Responsible for the security and maintenance of all operational records.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  •  Assistant Chief, EMD
  • Assist the C, EMD in the performance of his duties and functions.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  • Chief, Operations, Plans and Programs Section
  • Supervise the overall direction of the office in the supervision and the administration of private security agencies.
  • Prepare operational plans, policies, orders and directives.
  • Perform policy research, review and development.
  • Prepare all regulation issuances.
  • Prepare and consolidates the reports of the office for submission to headquarters.
  • Prepare and supervise the organization and mobilization of the office.
  • Maintain and prepare statistical reports.
  • Prepare Letter Authority for the wearing of special set of uniform.
  • Process application to purchase firearms by PSAs, PDAs, CGFs, GSFs.
  • Chief, Complaint and Investigation Section
  • Conduct active investigation on complaint.
  • Recommends the imposition of admin sanctions
  • Recommends for the cancellation of licenses and/or disapproval of application for renewal of PSA/PDA/CGF/GSF.
  • Issues summons/subpoenas.
  • Endorses communications to other concerned agencies.


  • Chief, Special Concern Section

Oversee resolution of special concerns.

  • Chief, Enforcement and Inspection Section
  • Conduct administrative and post to post inspection.
  • Gather data intelligence information.
  • Maintain, consolidate and prepare intelligence for submission to higher offices; and
  • Enforce Cease To Operate Orders issued to PSA/PDA/CGF/GSF


  • Chief, Arbitration Section

 Oversee implementation of SOP 007-08 pertaining to the deployment of security personnel on properties/establishments with conflicting claims, ownership, management or administration.