The PNP SOSIA Manual contains the practices and operating procedures, rules, and regulations in the application of the offices’ regulatory functions in line with the standards set forth by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems to provide quality service to private security stakeholders transacting with the Office.

 Likewise, it shall serve as reference for all SOSIA personnel.



  • To provide a clear and systematic guideline for SOSIA personnel on the implementation of the policies and regulations in the delivery of the SOSIA frontline services to its clients;
  • To ensure that ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) is adhered to by all SOSIA personnel in the performance of their duties;
  • To sustain Quality Management Systems by providing a conducive work environment for SOSIA personnel, continuous training and development and provision of needed supplies and equipment to motivate productivity and love for work;
  • To establish feedback mechanism from its stakeholders as indispensable management tool for continuous improvement; and
  • To regularly conduct review and evaluation of the systems and procedure.




  • To implement the laws, rules and regulations governing the administration and general supervision over the organization, operation, business and other related activities of all licensed private detective, watchmen, security guard agencies and company/ government guard forces throughout the country.
  • To disseminate polices, rules and regulations promulgated by the Chief, PNP or his authorized representatives pertaining to security guards and their agencies.
  • To provide administrative services in the issuance of licenses for private security agencies, private detective agencies, company guard forces and government security forces.
  • To conduct inspection of posted guards on duty, company guard forces, security agencies and company guard forces.
  • To investigate complaints against private security agencies, company guard forces, private detective agencies and security guards/watchman.
  • To supervise the training and re-training of security guards being conducted by PNP Offices and other accredited security guards training schools.
  • To maintain and update records of security consultants, security officers, private detective, watchman, security guards, security agencies and company guard forces.